Physical Testing

Physical testing can be carried out at the client’s site or at dedicated test houses, and is designed to give the client confidence in the future performance of composite production parts.

Engenuity offers expertise in this area and can specify the appropriate test to give adequate validation of the composite design and liaise day-to-day with test providers nationally and internationally, in order to ensure that the most cost effective utilisation of components is achieved while satisfying the validation requirements.

Uniquely, Engenuity is well placed to design and manage tests, because we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the loading mechanisms and failure modes of composite design. Our inherent understanding of the behaviour of the composite structure, its strengths and weaknesses, allows us to maximise the value of data and information acquired in an individual test scenario.

Used in conjunction with composites analysis, validation testing will help minimise the cost of new product introduction, accelerate time to market and demonstrate the benefits of this materials in the real world environment. In addition to the definitive proof test, we can carry out a statistical analysis of the reliability test data to determine the variabilities in composite materials and the manufacturing process.