Introducing products or components deploying new or novel materials can be challenging at all levels. Whoever champions a new approach to materials and/or design must ensure they are supported by a firm foundation of well-proven data and experience.

Whether you are a forward thinking individual trying to persuade line managers about the pros and cons of composites material structures versus conventional metal versions; aiming to convince the board that a composite sub-frame is feasible; or presenting the safety and environmental performance benefits of composites for a new generation of vehicles to Congress, you need the expert analysis and insight of Engenuity behind you.

Engenuity offers unparalleled composites analysis and CAD design support services. We can deliver professional credibility and authoritative analysis for your composite design proposals, based on a wide-ranging roster of successful projects from one-off prototypes to mass-market production.

Our world-class composite analysis services have played a vital role since the 1990s in the introduction of new and innovative composite solutions for Formula 1, aerospace, marine, mass-production automotive and precision equipment companies.

Bringing a new concept to market can be a minefield. Working in partnership with Engenuity ensures that you and your vision are in safe, expert hands.