Risk Reduction

Adoption of new technology always comes with a degree of risk. Component failure in the field can carry a high cost in terms of national catastrophe, personal injury damage to brand image. The consequences of component failure in the design cycle can range from inconvenient to financially debilitating depending on the time in the design cycle and its short fall against requirements.

Whenever failure occurs in the lifecycle there can be serious business ramifications which migrate throughout the supply chain and left unchecked through to customer perception and denigration of the product.

Engenuity clients recognise the value of objective design analysis. Pre-production design analysis can assess the merits of new concepts, rapidly and accurately identify development opportunities and give peace of mind to the investment into a new product introduction.

New products must be designed and built to meet the highest standards of performance, often with strict resource limitations and a predetermined deadline. These parameters can present conflicting demands, and truly optimised design must deliver the correct balance.

Engenuity has the analytical tools and expertise to help you get it ‘right first time’. We are also likely to identify unexpected savings and improvements, and can help remove the guesswork, reducing risk and failure in the product life cycle. Let us assist you in making significant impacts on savings in terms of time, money, promoting safety and enhancing your credibility through considered composite analysis and design.