Composite Intellectual Property

In the early phases of a product’s lifecycle the Intellectual Property (IP) is possibly its only valuable aspect. The development of further IP as the design progresses is of key importance and an area of product development with which we are acutely aware. Composites are a new technology with the opportunity of IP being created in materials, design and manufacturing through the product lifecycle.

Having been working at the forefront of engineering and analysis of composite structures for in excess of twenty years, Engenuity have experienced the challenges in pioneering composite applications across a wide range of industries. We do not try and reinvent the wheel for the sake of it, however the of problem solving activities of our work means we are often able to contribute to the extension of the intellectual capital surrounding a product.

In addition to the IP we develop and help to secure on behalf of our clients, there have been a number of areas that we have developed our own IP portfolio and in particular our composite impact simulation software CZone.

Whether the IP is formalised in Patents, Design Rights or Copyright or simply guarded as a trade secret, Engenuity will work to maintain client advantage.

We are unable to publish many of our best innovations due to client confidentiality. We are secure in the knowledge of our contributions and are happy to work as silent partners where required.