“Innovate or die” is commonly said to be the key to business success. But success is dependent on many factors in new product development. Today there are pressures on companies to develop good quality products that match rapidly changing market demands, to increasingly tight schedules, on time, on budget and ideally ‘right first time’.

Composite materials offer an outstanding opportunity for improving product performance in terms of design flexibility, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and durability. Although composites have been around since the invention of plywood in Egypt in 2800BC, there widespread application in structural applications is relatively new, constantly evolving and more complex to engineer than traditional materials.

Engenuity offers in-depth experience of how composite materials and products will perform. Detailed understanding of these materials, their inherent benefits and limitations is vital to ensure that when commitment is given to develop a new product, success is guaranteed.

Engenuity helps turn imaginative composite design concepts into practical, manufacturable solutions. We have assisted development of novel manufacturing processes working closely in collaboration with clients.

Our expert team is used to addressing complex design and performance issues with innovative lateral thinking. Furthermore, the novelty of these solutions often offers an opportunity for harvesting new intellectual property. Our clients have filed numerous patents based on innovations that have been stimulated by our expert composite analysis initiatives.

Innovation doesn’t stop with the new components. Working together with clients in close collaboration is a fertile source of inspiration in terms of new products, processes, materials and testing regimes. Often we feedback information into the development of new materials, analysis and testing processes and the software utilised to achieve them.

Engenuity has also developed a low cost compression and novel crush testing fixture as the basis of future standards.