Composite structures offer enormous potential for increased energy absorption in lighter-weight crushable structures in a host of vehicles, including cars, helicopters, aircraft, trains and other vehicles, compared to conventional heavier metallic designs. However, the lack of industry standard methods to simulate and accurately predict the crushing of these materials during impact has impeded widespread integration of composite materials in crushable structures.

Engenuity‘s position at the forefront of composite material analysis and crush simulation is marked by development of state-of-the-art crush simulation software; CZone which works as an add-in for Simulia’s Abaqus Explicit finite element analysis software. CZone provides valuable simulation of material crush behaviour in FEA simulations of composite structures under impact. CZone is targeted at optimising the design of composite components and assemblies for the automotive sector, defence and aerospace

The simulations determine the extent of material crushing and other modes of composite failure, energy absorbed in the crush zone and the forces generated. Allowing performance of composite structures under impact and the debris created to be compared against similar fragments in "real" and experimental test.

Engenuity’s crush simulation and test can play a vital role during early conceptual design in bringing new products to market faster, and avoiding costly rework and/or redesign at a later stage.