Verification and Sign-off of the Virtual Prototype

Analysis model development is usually concurrent with the development of the CAD definition and the manufacturing methodology. The analysis model will evolve with the design and may incorporate many iterative changes. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the FEA model fully represents the final design configuration, there are inevitably increased risks in a model with an extensive history of modifications. Areas may not be defined to the latest geometry release or representations of changed features may be compromised.

In most cases the risks are manageable and acceptable, however, when performance is critical a virtual prototype verification is highly reassuring. At the final stage, Engenuity provides analysis sign-off of the whole composite design, including carrying out final analysis checks on the virtual prototype.

The virtual prototype or “digital mock-up” consists of a complete bottom-up construction of the FEA model using only the information included in the manufacturing data packs. This acts as a check of the completeness of the manufacturing data and allows the verification to take place incorporating the manufacturing intent with the type, extent and orientation of every ply specified. Operating stresses will be compared to design allowable and reserve factors can be calculated and signoff achieved, or final model changes effected.

We can ensure that the composite system meets all of its requirements in terms of assembly and performance, with thorough analysis of all component parts including fixings, adhesive joints, final ply splits, cure cycles and crush initiation features.