Manufacturing Liaison and Development

Once a client is satisfied with the indicated performance of a new composite design, Engenuity can offer options for liaising with the selected manufacture to develop the production solution. Engenuity have worked with many leading suppliers around the world and can either recommend or help the client identify and audit potential candidates to ensure the right supplier for the job is selected.

Getting the manufacturing solution balanced for the often conflicting requirements of performance, quality and price is an essential aspect of a successful introduction of a composite component. Understanding the production facilities and the capabilities of the laminators and equipment is something Engenuity are well versed at. We regularly work with manufacturing teams here in the UK to the highest precision through to the high volume hand laminating in the Far East and many other levels in between.

Liaison includes obtaining material properties directly from the production process in use and development of lay-up instructions that the manufacturers can reliably work to. It is essential to get feedback from them as we aim to make the complexity of the steps in the production process compatible with the established in-house capabilities to ensure consistency in the production outcome.

The production of manufacturing lay-up manuals is a task we undertake and includes the operations necessary to define the product completely. This information forms the basis of verification analysis and is passed to the supplier and if necessary maintained throughout any further build support activities.