Composite Component Design

Engenuity can take you through the entire product cycle from conceptual component design through analysis, processing, manufacturing, qualification testing and production support.

We can advise you on the viability of different composite materials to match exacting performance and market criteria, but also suggest alternatives from a wealth of experience in different product areas. In fact, many of the component solutions are a hybrid of the best attributes of conventional materials combined with the outstanding attributes of composites.

Engenuity is considered to be at the leading edge of analysis and design of composite structures, working independently or in collaboration with clients to provide successful products. We have a wealth of experience which can help you tackle the most demanding composite design challenges, drawn on two decades of experience in blending new product concepts with a thorough understanding of materials behaviour, manufacturability and advanced analytical techniques.

Our express aim is to help the client meet and often exceed expectations for design and analysis of exciting new products. A successful project will meet the highest standards of quality, performance and reliability, refining concept designs for short-run or mass manufacture, correlated with detailed test data, working in complete confidentiality and security.