Concept Feasibility

Employing composites analysis early in the design process is the most efficient way of improving any design. Before a design has come to fruition, when the constraints are more free and the opportunity to identify and achieve the most efficient and innovative solution is at its maximum. Early collaboration can avoid costly mistakes and speed time to market for new products.

During the concept feasibility stage we look at load paths, alternative manufacturing processes, geometry optimisation and materials selection. Our expert team of engineers will help you consider the relative strengths and weakness of each performance parameter, and the implications for manufacture and material options. In addition to our composite structures team, we have a team of specialists in advanced analysis of metallic structures. If we consider that the viability of a composite solution is open to question, then we’ll be the first to voice an opinion. We commit to innovative design solutions in whatever materials are most appropriate for price, performance and manufacturability.

During this process, discussions are held with the customer and, in some cases, third party manufacturers and suppliers, before selecting the composite design concept(s) for further development.

Get the best from your designs by inviting our analysis team to work with you as early as possible, we have unmatched composite product engineering expertise covering design, analysis and developments in automotive design, aerospace, marine and other manufacturing arenas.