Composites are an area of high innovation and ongoing development. Few organisations are likely to have all the knowledge and expertise necessary for effective exploitation of composite materials.

Engenuity works closely with clients with clear recognition of the importance of confidentiality in an area which can give real competitive economic and performance advantage. We are committed to helping you assess new concepts or solve critical problems in new product design and provide development in a secure environment with a wealth of experience to hand.

Engenuity offers a professional team working to the highest standards, used to working in multi-disciplinary teams with clients from industry, government organisations and academia in the development of innovative composite technology. We work with speed, flexibility and independently to provide you with expert, objective design evaluation of new product developments in the strictest confidence.

We understand the risks involved in adopting leading edge technology, and on occasion offer creative collaborative partnerships that will ensure new and innovative projects can get off the ground quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, to meet highest performance standards and often opening new and exciting market opportunities.

Engenuity can work with you at all stages from initial design concept and feasibility, through to analysis of working prototypes and production models.