About Us

Engenuity has gained an outstanding reputation over the last two decades for advanced analysis of composites. Our engineers have wide-ranging experience in design optimisation, analysis and specification of innovative composite solutions which can simplify and enhance manufacture, reduce material content in mass production, and reduce or eliminate the risk of component failure or poor performance in new product development programmes.

Engenuity’s extensive analytical skills help take the guesswork out of new projects adopting composite materials. We recognise the benefits of using finite element analysis to address increasingly demanding and complex new product solutions.

Engenuity were pioneers in the use of FEA for composite material structures in supercars during the 1990s. Consequently we recommended detailed manufacturing specifications in order to ensure that the first prototypes met or exceeded design requirements. As a result of this work, Engenuity identified strategic opportunities to improve FEA software and worked closely with leading software companies to enhance the usability, performance and accuracy of the next generation of advanced composite analysis packages.

Engenuity continues to innovate, developing advanced processes for composite analysis and applying them to every conceivable market sector which has the potential to exploit the benefits of using composite materials.

We service major markets including automotive, aerospace, marine, defence, sporting goods and precision equipment. Our team of professional mechanical engineers work with companies of all sizes nationally and internationally, from individual designers to the largest corporations and government bodies.

Engenuity has an extensive portfolio of projects offering innovative solutions in every area of composite material utilisation. In particular, we are considered world leaders in composite crash analysis.

As innovators in a new and fast developing materials sector, Engenuity has a number of licences in software, aerodynamic and composite design.