We can help you bring composite structures into the mainstream market

Demand for engineered composites is growing rapidly as high performance applications in aerospace, motorsport and defence, are set to be swamped by the move into mass production as material costs come down and fibres become readily available.

Detailed composites analysis is required to ensure that the full performance benefits of these materials are incorporated in any structural design. Carefully balancing the attributes of fibres and matrix against performance requirements for strength, lightness, environmental sustainability and cost effectiveness.

In general the ability of a composite component to outperform a conventional metal design overwhelmingly comes from the engineering skill to get the best from the materials. When composites are used as a “Black Metal” replacement for metals, the performance will rarely match expectations.

Engenuity has established an outstanding reputation over the last two decades, developing specialist software and techniques for the analysis of complex composite structures. Their enhanced understanding of how composites really work, allows them to give detailed guidance and reliable prediction of long-term component and product performance.